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Welcome to PouncingPaws Persians!

My name is Christine and I specialize in the breeding of Persians cats.

PouncingPaws Persians is a small closed cattery established in 1998

My name is Christine & own I am located in Eastern Ontario, Canada along the St. Lawrence Seaway.

All of my cats are tested negative for Fungus,  FIV, FelV,

and DNA tested & scanned negative for PKD by UC Davis.

I am a proud CFA & CCA registered cattery

My cattery produces the following colours & patterns:

 Smokes, Blues, Reds, Silvers & Blue Silvers in Tabbies, Patch,  dilutes

and Bi-colours

My kittens are born into this world by my hands but raised with my heart

It’s important for you to know this is not a business, it is my passion in life.

I am the voice of my cats & kittens.

We who breed must find a special home for each kitty . . . a home where they will be loved and cherished for as long as they live and mourned as a family member when they cross the Rainbow Bridge, or we condemn them to a life of horror, indifference, poor health, etc.

It is my constant prayer that I do my very best for each kitty.

None of my cats are de-clawed and I do not place them in homes where this is the intention…There are alternatives that are less painful and cruel.

My kittens are raised “under foot”, which leads to a high level of socialization. By the time they are ready to leave for their forever home, they’re used to the hustle and bustle of a home environment, and will readily adapt to the norms of their new home

My Persians are  shipped domestically and internationally.

Thank you for visiting