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We specialize in the breeding of Persians.

Our cattery includes:

 Smokes, Blue Silver, Reds, Silver in Tabbies and Patch,

all colors in Bi-colors and Van.

All of our cats are tested negative for FIV, FelV,

and DNA tested negative for PKD by UC Davis.

We are a small cattery and therefore can devote

 time with all of our cats and kittens.

 Our kittens are raised underfoot,

this allows them to adjust nicely to new homes.

We are CFA registered.

We breed for personality, health and temperament,

not for quantity.

We ship domestically and internationally.

All of our kittens are used to being handled plenty and adored.

None of our cats are de-clawed.

There are alternatives that are less painful and cruel.

Thank you

Christine & Michelle