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Difference between Show, Breeder and Pet Quality!

Show Quality: Cat/Kitten is healthy and pedigreed.

 Cat/Kitten we feel will do well in show rings. We expect it to Grand

Breeder Quality: Cat/Kitten is healthy and pedigreed.

 An excellent asset to a breeding program, can Champion but will not Grand at a show.

Pet Quality: Cat/Kitten is healthy and pedigreed.

Quality is established because it does not meet the standards to show CFA.

Temperament is exactly the same and they are VERY sociable.

Pet Quality does NOT come with breeding rights.

We cannot guarantee that a Show Quality cat will Grand at shows.

Many factors are included: Grooming, presentation, etc.

Our kittens do not leave until they are 14 to 16 weeks old and have had their

 second vaccinations. All our pets leave spayed/neutered

 All kittens leave with a written health guarantee against congenital

 and fungal diseases.

  Deposits are taken in good faith and are non refundable.

the kitten.

 A kitten or cat should NEVER be deprived of food o