In loving memory

GP RW Pouncingpaws Cruz'n for Love

Silver Tabby & White Male

"Cruzer" is 15th Best Premier in Region 1 for 2006-2007

He Granded in 1 show


CFA CH, GP, Pouncingpaws Fortunate Son

Silver tabby & white male

Mâle argenté tabby et blanc

Fortunate Son affectionately named "Sparts" has achieved over 3000 points in CCA shows.

He is 4th Best Alter Nationally and 3rd Best Alter in Region 1 of CCA    

He is Best Persian overall, obtaining his Supreme Master Grand Premier in CCA

 Sparts is living with and has been beautifully shown by Trudy Watson.

 A big thanks to Trudy for showing Sparts so wonderfully.

CFA GP PouncingPaws Charles

Brown Tabby & White Male


CFA GC Pouncing Paws Sands of Time -

Brown Patch Tabby & White


CFA GC PouncingPaws Just Smurfing Around

Blue McTabby & white


CFA GC Pouncingpaws That's A Wrap!

Silver Tabby & White


CFA GC PouncingPaws Charred Marshmallow -

Black Smoke Male


CFA CH Pouncing Paws Silver Slipper

Silver Tabby Female


CFA GC Pouncing Paws Pyjama Time

Blue Silver Patch Tabby & White


CFA CH PouncingPaws The Devil Wears Silver

Silver Tabby Male

Now living in the UK



Silver Tabby Male


CFA GC PouncingPaws It's All About You

Silver Patched Tabby & White

2005 CFA's 2nd Best of Color Class Nationally

2005 CFA's Best of Color Class Regionally (1)

Granded in 3 shows at 8 months old

Dam of GC, RW Pouncingpaws Come See About Me


CFA CH PouncingPaws Diva Of The North

Blue Silver Tabby & White

*Grand Pointed*


CFA CH Breneve Johnny Angel

Red & White Tabby

Now living with Doug in Montreal


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1 Show Grand at 8 months old!

Smurfy Granded in 5 rings

2006 CFA's 3rd Best of Breed Regionally (1)

2005 CFA's 2nd Best of Color Class Regionally (1)

Smurf missed a Regional Win by only 1 point standing!

-Best Cat In Show at the Dixieland Silvers & Golden show in Charlotte, NC on Dec. 11th & 12th, 2005 with over 100 cats in Championship present.

-Best Kitten In Show at the Gaithersburg, MD show on

Nov. 12th & 13th, 2005 with over 95 kittens present.

-Smurf finished 26th Best Cat in the North Atlantic Region for 2005-2006 show season with over 2,500 points.

Unfortunate complications during pregnancy has facilitated a tragic and untimely death of our dearly beloved Smurfy.  Despite our deepest efforts to save her, she departed from this earth on August 8, 2006.  Her quirky and outgoing personality as well as the incredible joy and happiness she brought into our lives will forever be remembered and treasured.

During her show career, Smurfy flew to over 9 shows, week-end after week-end, and although at times stressful, she would bounce out of her carrier and be ready to play up a storm no matter what!  She was by far the best cat that anyone could ever have had the pleasure of knowing, let alone owning.

The unequivocal gratification that our cherished babies bring into our world and touch our hearts is inexpressible.  We thank God for the opportunity of having had Smurfy in our lives, and we know she looks down at us from Heaven above.